BSME closing, To relocate…

For those who have not heard the news, the BSME has been given their 90 day notice to vacate the location at 225 W. Saratoga street after 66 years!

Due to this and the power issues we experienced in November we will not be holding any more open houses and will be concentrating on relocation.

We have three locations we are already looking into as a possible new home.

For question feel free to respond here, and visit our website ( or follow us on facebook (@BaltoTrains) for updates on relocation efforts.

Thank-you for your support over the past years.


Jim, BSME President

Baltimore Society of Model Engineers, Estd. 1932

[Notice shared from -Ed.]

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  1. All, FYI:
    Final Run Day for the BSME at the 225 Saratoga Street location is January 20, 1 to 5 PM.
    In case you have not heard, the club must be clear of the building before April 1.
    Founded in 1932, and operating at Saratoga Street since ~1955, the club members are determined to continue at another location TBD.
    Should you be interested in helping relocate BSME in some way, your participation is welcome.
    Contact me for a copy of the plan which outlines the various subcommittees where your help and expertise may apply.
    Thank you,
    Gettysburg, PA
    Modeling The Milwaukee Road
    at Avery, ID, in O Scale

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